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South Pennine Road Club Evening Time Trials

The 1st SPRC evening 10 mile TT takes place this Thursday on the Acc10/40 Sudbury – Doveridge course (1st rider 19:00) so here are a few quick reminders to riders.

Covid-19 hasn’t gone away, so please maintain social distancing & wear masks for signing on etc. Please use the hand sanitiser provided & remember that not all of the people there are as young, fit & healthy as you!

As a club we also need to be seen to be acting responsibly to local residents.

Although riders can just turn up on the night, it is very helpful to have an idea of numbers so if you know you want to ride please contact Sue Bowler in advance.

PARKING: There is limited parking on the roadside, please cycle there if possible.

Signing on is about 20 minutes before the 1st rider goes off.
Please use the hand sanitiser provided.
Bring your own pen with you.
Please collect your number as you sign on. Pin your own number on please.

PAYMENT: Please bring the correct money & place it in the tub with the disinfectant in.

WARMING UP: The use of turbos is allowed but please set it up where you won’t be breathing over other riders, dog walkers etc.

THE START: There will be no pushers-off.

THE FINISH: Please shout your number as you pass the finish, do not stop, ride through.
Return your number to the bucket with disinfectant in.
Provisional results will appear on our Facebook page asap (usually about 5 minutes after the last rider). Please do not collect around the results sheet.

REAR LIGHT: The use of a working rear light, whether flashing or constant, fitted to the machine in a positon clearly visible to the following road users and active whilst the machine is in use is now mandatory. No rear light – no ride.

JUNIOR RIDERS: Please bring a completed Parental Consent form. A helmet is also compulsory

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