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Cycling Time Trials Covid 19 Update

As most will be aware and as stated in the CTT release on 22 February 2021, the publication of the government “Roadmap” set out the way forward and gave details of the gradual relaxation of the Covid-19 restrictions in England. The Scottish and Welsh governments have set out their own timetables for Scotland and Wales respectively and the position continues to vary as between England, Scotland and Wales.
No changes have been announced by the government to the “Roadmap” and accordingly, formally organised outdoor sports will be allowed to resume in England from 29 March 2021. Cycling Time Trials is pleased to confirm that the current suspension of events will end and that in England CTT events (both type A and type B events) will be able to resume from and including 29 March 2021.
When holding an event, whether that be a type A or type B event, it is essential that the requirements as set out in the CTT COVID-19 risk assessment are followed. If any club or organiser is in any doubt as to whether or not an event can proceed, please contact the National Secretary (Legal & Corporate)
The CTT Covid-19 risk assessment has been updated to reflect the changes made in the Covid-19 restrictions since 2020. The amended risk assessment is available on the CTT website:
A significant change from last year is that there are now no restrictions for those who compete on a tandem nor are there any restrictions to team trials, to include 2-up events.
The “Stay at Home” rule will end on 29 March. Please be aware that the government advice is that people are urged to stay local. The shift is from the current legal standpoint of “stay at home” unless you have a legal reason to travel, to [as from 29 March] one of guidance to stay local. Subject to CTT’s rules and regulations, there is no restriction on who can compete in a CTT event. As is stated in the risk assessment however, the onus is on the rider on whether or not to travel to a specific event. It is not the responsibility of the organiser or promoting club to police this.
Please remember:
The threat of Covid-19 and the risk of infection does still remain. If you are not well or showing signs of Covid-19 then please do not attend at any CTT event.
The Scottish government has announced that competitive sport can resume from and including 17 May 2021. There is now a possibility that competition may be able to resume from 26 April 2021 although we are still waiting for official guidance. A further update will be released once the situation has been made clear.
Please note however that Scotland will remain in a tiered system. Competitive sport will be permitted at levels 3 and below.
It is anticipated that if conditions allow, “organised activities”, to include competitive sport, should be able to resume from 22 April 2021. It would appear however that any such activities will be limited outdoors to a maximum of 30 persons.
Coronavirus control plan: revised alert levels in Wales (March 2021) | GOV.WALES
The Welsh government has stated that it will continue to monitor the situation weekly and a further update will be released once this has been clarified.
Police notification forms – open and club events
Although this may have been done already, clubs and organisers are reminded that they should send the PNF to the relevant police authority to ensure the necessary legal requirements will have been complied with. The PNF must be received by the relevant police authority at least 28 days before the day of the event.
26 March 2021

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