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Mercia CC Lloyds Cycles Bulitin 22/2/21

2021 CLUB EVENTS NB: These proposed events will only take place if the Covid restrictions applying in February are eased. All are on the Anslow course and we will use the

Mercia CC-Lloyds Cycles Bulitin 15/2/21

Hi everybody, At the moment we can only ride with one other person which does rather curtail our activity options! However if we return to something similar to the tier 3

Mercia CC-Lloyds Cycles Bullitin 8.7.20

Hi everybody, I can confirm that the South Pennine are running their 10 At Sudbury on Thursday 16th August. Anyone interested in having a ride should email Sue Bowler of

Mercia CC-Lloyds Cycles C19 CTT Update

Dear Kieron CORONAVIRUS UPDATE This update relates to CTT events in England only.  It does not relate to events in Wales or Scotland. Currently, all CTT Type B ‘club’

2020 Club Time Trial Events

Mercia Lloyds CC   2020 Club event time trials Tuesday evenings on the Anslow course, sign on at the Henhurst Club 31 March        – 5 miles –     7pm
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