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Mercia CC Lloyds Cycles Bulitin 11/4/21

Hi everybody,

The first 10 will take place on Tuesday at 7pm, signing on in the Henhurst Club car park until 6.50pm.

I am pleased to advise that the potholes on the first corner at the Golf range junction have been repaired – thank you to Ian for taking the trouble to report them to the council and amazingly they have taken prompt action.

Covid considerations still apply. we must avoid clustering together even outdoors.

Competitors will have to have the correct entry fee of £4 and their own pen to sign on.

Numbers will be issued when signing on and therefore the first person to sign will be number 1.

If you cannot return the number to the car park after riding please deposit it at the rear of the finish timekeepers car.

There will be no pusher off, riders will start with one foot on the road.

Rear lights are compulsory.

At the start there is a new concrete path round the gas plant which may be ok to wait to start rather than waiting in the road, we will see how that works on the night.

Social distancing remains very necessary. Please appreciate that many of our helpers are in vulnerable age groups, give them space.

The road has been repaired, the weather forecast could be worse, looking forward to seeing everybody,



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