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Mercia CC-Lloyds Cycles Bulletin 21/03/22

Hi everybody,

Firstly, congratulations to Anne on winning her age group in the CT road bike championship 25 on Sunday, a fantastic ride early on a very cold morning with a strong easterly wind on the A25/34 course which very exposed.

Secondly, the first club 5 is on Tuesday 29th March, 7pm start, give it a try on any bike, TT machine, road bike , mountain bike or even on your winter trainer.

Thank you to all the members who attended the meeting on 8th March. It was an excellent evening with plenty of lively discussion and ideas. It became obvious to me that no matter what is planned our publicity machine is in the dark ages! This has to be addressed  before we do anything else and therefore I am arranging a meeting with Terry to see how we can improve our website as a starter and will then look to see how we can incorporate the usual social media sites.

The idea that the weekend club route should be advertised ahead of the ride day was a popular suggestion as was incorporating the regular routes on the web site and I will be looking into how we can accommodate this. I intend to call a similar meeting  in around three months by which time the web site should be fit for purpose.

In the meantime if any member who has a good working knowledge of the workings of web and social media sites would like to volunteer to be the club’s media coordinator I would be delighted to hear from that person,



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