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Mercia CC Lloyds Cycles Bulletin 4/3/22

Hi everybody,

What a fabulous day for a ride last Sunday, thanks Kieron for arranging everything , even the weather! Thanks to all the helpers and the riders who enabled us to raise £165.00 for the charity.

The club time trial programme starts in three weeks on March 29th. Please note that front and rear lights are compulsory as are crash helmets.

May I remind you of the general meeting which we are holding on Tuesday 8th March at 8pm at the Henhurst Club. The main purpose is to consider what events the Mercia could be arranging in future. Cycling has changed significantly over the past decade and the change has accelerated through the Covid lock down. I can recall when I was a junior bike racer we met every Friday evening in the season to decide which event to ride two weeks later and sort out potential transport if required as we did not have phones or cars!! With the introduction of Sportif events latterly riders do not need to be members of a club and if required can become individual private members of the national cycling organisations.

The Mercia has been around for 57 years and one of the clubs from which the Mercia was formed began in the 1920s and we now need to adapt to changing times.



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