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Hi Everybody,

Club Time Trials:

I have to cancel the 10 on Tuesday 17th August. I have spoken to the contractors today who advise me that the traffic lights will still be in place at the Acorn. However they expect them to be gone for the event on the 24th, watch this space.

Regrettably I also have to cancel the 25 on Sunday 22nd August. There are traffic lights on the course connected with HS2 work and we are informed by Highways that they will be in place until 1st October and therefore it will not be possible to hold the 25 this year.

It must be better next year and I am confident that there will not be any roadworks on the hill climb course which is on the usual hill at 11am on the 3rd October. and we will be joined by the local CTC group on the day,



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