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Mercia CC-Lloyds Cycles Bullitin 8.7.20

Hi everybody,
I can confirm that the South Pennine are running their 10 At Sudbury on Thursday 16th August.
Anyone interested in having a ride should email Sue Bowler of their interest and she will be able to let them know if there are spaces available.
British Cycling are not starting any competitive events until August and the advice regarding club runs is that the maximum number or riders is 6 and 2 metre social distancing requirements apply.
Personally I will not be riding in any groups. I do feel that virus transmission at riding speed is more likely than at walking pace and will continue to ride solo. There is no reason however to stop up to 6 members getting together to organise rides if they are all happy to do so.
Providing that we can can obtain two volunteer timekeepers it should be possible to run our hillclimb scheduled for October 4th as compliance with Covid requirements in the open without HQ is not too onerous.
With regard to arranging group rides I do not think that large groups meeting at the town hall is a good idea even if the plan is to  separate into groups of 6. I would suggest that likely group participants use social media to make arrangements of meeting points for their specific group.
The number of places world wide where virus infections have increased following a relaxation of lock down arrangements is concerning so do please continue to be cautious and stay safe,

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