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Mercia CC Lloyds Cycles Bulletin 21/03/23

Good afternoon everyone.

The club time trial season is upon us!!

The first event is at 7pm next Tuesday on the Anslow course. Signing on in the Henhurst Club from 6.30. Entry fee remains at £4 with £3 of that going to Cycling Timetrials. If there is a problem with road closure permission is in place to run the event at Sudbury. The start time will change to 7.30 from mid May to mid July and the final event is on 29th August.

The events on 28 March and 4 April will be over either 5 or 10 miles depending on the light conditions. Please remember that the national rules require both front and rear lights and a crash hat that conforms to regulations.

I will review the road on Monday each week and check which course will be used.  If no notice is issued then the home course at Anslow with signing on at the Henhurst will be in use.

A review of the support that the club events receive will be undertaken at the season end to establish if it is worth carrying on with them in future.  If you think that they should be continued then support them as the level of support will be important in deciding if they are to be continued.

Stay safe and see you next week

Regards Tony

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