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Mercia CC Lloyds Cycles Bulletin 02/12/22

Good morning, all,

Following our recent meeting it was agreed that we would arrange fund raising events with a view to the purchase of a portable defribulater for the club. It was also suggested that an instruction evening in resuscitation techniques would be useful. When a purchase is made further decisions with regard to the storage, maintenance transport of the machine to appropriate events will be required.

Date Reminder

We will be holding a general meeting at 8pm on Tuesday 6th December at Henhurst Club.

The Mercia was formed in 1965 from three former local cycling clubs whose numbers of members had fallen. The club has always existed mainly as the vehicle for riders to compete in road, track, time trail and cyclo cross events with the local CTC organising touring and social rides. I am arranging the club’s affiliation to British Cycling and Cycling Time trials for next year and am planning a similar programme of evening club time trials as held previously.

However, cycling has changed. The support for time trials has fallen, we have no rider in road races and cyclo cross and only one riding track events. There are now many local bike riders who want only social rides for whom the Mercia is not their choice of club. We do have several rides each week with whats app groups but to expand the club more such activities seem to be required.

If you have any ideas and are willing to arrange the events suggested, then now is the time to make the offer and become involved with the club’s management.



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