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Mercia CC 2016 TT Season

Welcome to the new season which starts on 29th March with the 5 at 7.00pm, sign on by 6.40 please.

Signing on will be in the new Club HQ, Henhurst Club on Henhurst Hill where you will be able to purchase refreshments of choice after the event!

Please remember that the club requires competitors to use an approved crash hat and carry a rear light.

There was an occasion when an accident was only narrowly avoided. The incident was caused by a competitor who, having finished, executed a U turn when another competitor was about to go past.


Therefore please note:


Please do not make a U turn when you have finished – stop on the left and make sure it is safe to do so before carefully turning round.

Do not stop at the finish time keeper – no times will be given.


Timekeeping is complicated on our course, when,  in the 10 a competitor passes the finish 3 times, Riders congregating around the time keeper add to the difficulty.

The time keeper is on the right hand side at the finish – your number must be visible from the right but more importantly every rider is required to call their number as they finish.

Remember – keep the time keepers happy – without them there will be no events to ride!

Have a great season, stay safe and ride some personal bests



Mercia Lloyds CC 2016 Club Events

Date:                          Distance                    Start time

29 March:                5 miles:                    7pm

05 April:                    10 miles:                   7pm

12 April         :           10 miles:                   7pm

19 April:                    10 Miles:                   7pm

26 April:                    10 miles:                   7pm

03 May:                    10 miles:                   7pm

10 May:                    10 miles:                   7pm

17 May:                    10 miles:                   7pm

  24 May:                  10 miles:                   7.30pm

  31 May:                  10 miles:                   7.30pm

  07 June:                  10 miles:                   7.30pm

  14 June:                  10 miles:                   7.30pm

  21 June:                  10 miles:                   7.30pm

  28 June:                  10 miles:                   7.30pm

  05 July:                    10 miles:                   7.30pm

  12 July:                    10 miles:                   7.30pm

19 July:                        10 miles:                   7pm

26 July:                      10 miles:                   7pm

02 August:                10 miles:                   7pm

09 August:                10 miles:                   7pm

16 August:                10 miles:                   7pm

23 August:                5 miles:                      7pm

 30 August:               5 miles:                      7pm

02 October:             Hillclimb                    11am

All events for 2016 will be held on the Anslow Course and please note that mid-season events have a 7.30 start time

The 25 mile championship will be held on the Etwall course in a South Pennine club event on a date to be agreed.

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