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Articles by Kieron Patterson

Mercia CC-Lloyds Cycles Report 05.07.18

Mercia CC-Lloyds Cycles report 05.07.18 The Midlands Mtb Series Round 4 was held at Rother Valley and Presented by Rother Valley Riders. Daniel Ward of Mercia CC-Lloyds

Mercia CC Lloyds Cycles Report 22.06.18

Mercia CC-Lloyds Cycles report 22.06.18 Mercia CC- Lloyds CC recently promoted a 30mile Open Time Trial on the A50. The course was revised from previous events due to road

Mercia CC- Lloyds Cycles Report 31.05.18

Mercia CC-Lloyds Cycles report 31.05.18 David Clarke showed his all-round athletic ability when qualifying for the European Duathlon Championship at the sprint distance. The

Mercia CC Lloyds Cycles Report

MERCIA CC-LLOYDS CYCLES REPORT 24.05.18 Riders in the 25 mile Time Trial promoted by VC Long Eaton at Griffy Dam, had to contend with a change of course due to ongoing

Mercia CC- Lloyds Cycles report.

Mercia CC-Lloyds Cycles report 04.05.18 The BDCA recently held a 10 mile Time Trial on the A50 from Etwall. Several Mercia CC-Lloyds Cycles Veteran riders took part the best
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