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Mercia-Lloyds Cycles Bullitin Re Covid 19, 22/06/20

Good evening all,
Subject to later confirmation Cycling Timetrials have announced that club events may be able to start early in July.
However, they have issued a long instruction manual telling the clubs how to be Covid 19 compliant!
Headquarters with changing facilities and toilets are not to be used. Events have to be entered before the date and competitors are expected to arrive in race clothing and not to stop after the finish. There is to be no result board and times will be published later.
Obviously these requirements are to enable social distancing most effectively.
One requirement is that officials in the age group over 70 are to be used only in isolated positions such as marshalling – as most of our regular helpers fall into that category it will be very difficult for us to promote a compliant event.
Subject to later confirmation there may be 4 10 mile and 2 five mile club events that we may be able to hold but in view of the limitations applied to most of our helpers we have decided not to promote any evening events this season.
Subject to how the virus regulations go we are hoping to hold the hill climb in October.
There is no confirmed date for open events to recommence.
British Cycling are hoping to run some races commencing In August subject to a continuing improvement in the virus situation.
Sportives and club runs are still suspended but groups of up to six riders may ride together although subject to the current 2 metre social distancing rule. With traffic returning to normal six riders spread over 12 metres does not seem to me to very practical.
From a personal point of view in view of me being over the 70 years barrier I will not be riding with any groups in in the immediate future.
The South Pennine have let me know that they are considering running evening 10s on the Sudbury course from July. Numbers will be limited and entry before the date will be required but Mercia members will be invited to ride. As soon as I have further details I will let you know.
Sorry not to be more positive but please stay safe and fit for hopefully a normal season in 2021.

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