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Mercia CC-Lloyds Cycles Bulitin 15/2/21

Hi everybody,

At the moment we can only ride with one other person which does rather curtail our activity options!

However if we return to something similar to the tier 3 restrictions we should be able to run club time trials.

I have therefor submitted a schedule of proposed Tuesday evening club events and am keeping my fingers and everything else crossed.

In view of possible shortages of officials I have submitted dates for 10 mile events only commencing on 13th April until 17th August, 7 pm start until 25 May through to 13 th July with 7.30 starts with the remaining at 7pm. If the Henhurst Club car park is not available there are two parking areas near the start, one on the adjacent lane and one just past the Anslow turn.

I am not proposing to run any Mercia events at Sudbury because the South Pennine are holding all of their 10 mile events on the Sudbury course staring on 8th April at 7pm. There are only 5 Thursday evenings when they are using an alternative course. There are 13 weeks when there will, hopefully, be two evening 10 events in our area.

Subs are now due! No change, £20 race, £10 social and £1 junior and juvenile. Payment can be made direct to the clubs bank which is NatWest, sort code 52 10 35;account number 04623282.

I do have the club clothing order in stock at home which the skinsuits orders and some general stock. The garments are sourced from Gear Clothing who do a full range of cycling garments although I will probably not have sufficient requests to place a new order for some time.

Hopefully we may be able to go back to groups of 6 riders shortly and hold our evening events , I will keep you updated

Stay safe

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