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Ken Goy Memorial Ride 60 Mile Route

The Ken Goy memorial club ride



From the Clubhouse at The Henhurst Club join the main road and turn right to the Acorn inn

0.60 miles :     Turn left and go through Tatenhill to Barton u Needwood

4.50 miles :     In Barton turn left and proceed to Walton on Trent

6.40 miles :     In Walton turn right through Catton Park

10.0 miles :      At T junction turn right

10.60miles:     At traffic island turn left across Sittles farm on narrow road

13.80miles:     Turn left at junction and go into Whittington

15.20miles:     Turn left in Whittington

17.90miles:     At main road turn right and then left in 400 yards signposted Harlaston

19.60miles:     Turn right at T junction signposted Tamworth

22.10miles:     In Wigginton up hill and past the pub turn left into Syerscote Lane(narrow Lane with gates)

25.80miles:     Turn right at T junction

26.50miles:     Turn right before church on the hill

26.80miles:     At X roads go straight across signposted Thorpe Constantine

28.90miles:     At main road straight across signposted Seckington

29.90miles:     At X roads straight across signposted Polesworth

30.90miles:     Turn left at T Junction – note give way sign

32.50miles:     Straight across at X roads signposted Grendon/Atherstone

34.40miles:     Turn left at T junction onto the B5000 signposted Atherstone

35.40miles:     Turn left in Pinwall signposted Twycross B4116

39.20miles:     Turn left onto A444 signposted Burton on Trent and go past Twycross zoo to take the first left

40.80miles:     Turn left onto minor road signposted Orton on the Hill

42.30miles:     Turn right signposted Austrey

44.00miles:     In Austrey go straight across into No Mans Heath Lane

45.50 miles:     At main road in No Mans Heath turn right and immediately left through              Chilcote to Netherseal

48.30miles:     Turn left signposted Overseal

49.50miles:     Over the top of Gunby Hill turn left signposted Grangewood and proceed to Coton in the Elms

52.20miles:     Turn right signposted Rosliston

52.90miles:     Turn left at painted traffic island

53.50miles:     Through Rosliston turn left signposted Walton on Trent

55.50miles:     In Walton turn left and immediately right to Barton u Neeedwood retracing outward route

57.40miles:     In Barton turn right at the church and proceed through Tatenhill to the Acorn Inn

61.30miles:     Turn right at the Acorn and return to The Henhurst Club

62.00 miles

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